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I know it has been ages since I posted new work.  I blame it on digital negligence.  Anyway, here is some new work and a few recent birds.  Enjoy! 


Last fall my friend Alan brought me a big pile of pears from his trees in Colorado.  I ate lot and dried a lot and painted a lot of the stunningly gorgeous objects. As you can see, I am still fooling around with the relative visual and metaphorical weight of various objects.  Take a look at all the work I currently have for sale.


Pear fall, 13.006 - cathy weber - artmaker

13.006   Pear Fall
oil on gessoed baltic birch panel, 6.5 by 14 inches (exclusive of frame)
Matted and framed, $625.00

feel free to email me with any questions you have at cw@cathyweber.net


Still making birds…..

These lovely creatures are still around and still a delight to make.   Marvelously, I hear often from folks who tell about the great pleasure they get from their birds. 

Think Weddings!
I get emails on a regular basis from folks who  always give pairs of ceramic birds as wedding gifts. If you are in need of the perfect wedding gift, please give me a holler and I will send you photos of bird pairs currently on hand.  



nest, time moon - cathy weber artmaker

13.007   Nest, time moon
oil on gessoed baltic birch panel, 11.5 by 17.5 inches (exclusive of frame)
Matted and framed, $925.00

I’ve been building small houses out of baltic birch plywood, covering them with lots of layers of gesso and making oil paintings on them.  Each one has a stand and can hang on a wall or sit on a table or shelf.  There are still a few available on my site.

12.005   Red tree house, oil on gessoed panel,
 4 by 4 by 6 inches  $450.00

 base can sit on a surface or hang on the wall (included)

 If you dont want to get these emails, let me know at cw@cathyweber.net .   Thanks.