My site-specific built-environment and ceramic bird installation for an exhibit at the Missoula Art Museum will be up from August 23, 2018 Through Jan 12, 2019. A 2nd iteration will be installed at the Holter Museum of Art in Helena Montana in the summer and fall of 2019.
An insightful essay,was written for the exhibition catalog, by Brandon Reintjes, senior curator at MAM.

cathy weber - art - clay- woman - montana - ceramic - porcelain - bird

Ceramic birds,  plain and elaborate

Cathy Weber is widely recognized for her lovingly rendered visions of commonplace objects. Weber’s work takes the form of paintings, book art, quilts, illuminated manuscripts, cartographic elements and domestic items. The result is visual poetry that addresses spirit, emotion, nature and politics. She feels an urgency to use her artistic process to respond to war, injustice, greed and violence. The act of transforming the ordinary into the beautiful gives her comfort, hope, and support for meeting life’s challenges. “What best motivates me in my work is the potential to uncover, expose and describe the sacred,” Weber writes. “The fruits of the earth and the human heart offer the language. Working is the prayer.”