Work for Sale

All the paintings I have available for purchase are here. Contact me if you are interested in commission work or want to know what ceramic work I have on hand. Thanks!

I just can’t resist the ongoing process of making pictures of objects. My visual arrangements play with a variety of symbolic and metaphorical elements. I am particularly interested in relative symbolic and metaphorical weight.

I have been developing a vernacular of object images, each of which elicits a visceral response in human beings.  We assign meaning, based on that response, to eggs, wishbones, sticks, feathers, stones, bones, nests, keys, and many items with which we have a singular personal relationship.

Flocks of birds
I have been assembling birds in what I call “narrative groups.”  They are all cone six porcelain. Some are glazed and some are carved through colored slip. You can see more flocks here.

Narrative birds
I make individual birds with narrative paintings on them.  They are all cone six porcelain.  I paint the images with underglaze and then coat them with clear glaze.  these are a few example and there are more here.  Email me any time, I will be happy to send you images of available narrative birds.