Over the past two years I have created a large built-environment and ceramic bird installation for an exhibit at the Missoula Art Museum that is on display from August 23, 2018 Through Jan 12, 2019.  Opening festivities took place on September 7, 2018.

Another version of the exhibition is scheduled at the Holter Museum of Art in the summer of 2019.

I have been making hundreds of ceramic birds each year for the last ten years.  What has evolved from this process is a formal expression of the “bird” concept that is not species-specific but archetypal. As objects, birds serve as metaphors for a wide range of human needs and emotions: aspiration and serenity, nesting and flight, fragility and freedom, community and solitude. We read desire in wishbones, rebirth in eggs, and nostalgia in birdsong. Each of my ceramic birds is a glazed surface inviting individual interpretation and meditation.

Photos from the bird installation at the Missoula Art Museumin the fall of 2018.



The 1929 Migratory Bird Act prohibits the use of most bird-related biological artifacts. These settings are not intended to be representational. Rather, as extensions of the metaphorical approach to birds, nests, and trees function as symbolic “canvases” for the viewer’s ideas.





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