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Work for Sale

Some newer paintings ……..
 It’s the on-going process of making pictures of objects I just can’t resist painting.  The arrangements play with the relative symbolic and metaphorical weight of the various elements.

Houses ……..   For a couple of years I’ve been playing around, mostly in 3 dimensions, with notions of a domestic narrative. The houses are showing up in paintings and all kinds of other media.  See more houses.

Objects and object poems: I am still working on a series of pictures that I refer to as ”object poems”.  They have sprung from the 10 years I spent making illuminations of the abstract poetry of Gertrude Stein. Stein, a cubist, treated the words in her poems as objects, rather than purely descriptive elements. Working with Stein’s poetry (words as objects) led me to the notion of making visual poems in which the objects function as words.  See more object poems, or see other recent work.  Some of the objects have escaped the “poem”  format and are fooling around with gravity. 

see more  artist’s books

Birds, birds and more birds!

These are what I call “narrative birds” they are small, elaborate paintings made in underglaze on the surface of a porcelain bird. At any given moment, I have several  available. Here is a sampling but you can  contact me to see what is on hand.